This video explores the functions of the interactive mapping system. It provides descriptions on how to use the zoom in and out tool, the home screen tool and how to access frequently asked questions.

Infrastructure Query

This video introduces the user to the query tool by first allowing directing the user to the location of the infrastructure tool on SA Connect, then explaining how to use the tool itself. This video explains what the results of a query should look like and how to use the query results.

Property Query

The property and building search query tool allow the users to specify criteria of the property or building itself, including zoning, property or building size, and appraised value. This video explains how to use the query, what the results of a query should look like, and how to use the query results.

Layer List

The layer list is a comprehensive list of geographic data. This video explains how to use the layer list tool, how to turn on the associated legend with the user customized SA Connect Map, how to use the future time slider tool, and how to print customized maps.

Question: What do the icons at the bottom of the map mean?

1.       Zoom in / Zoom out – This allows the user to zoom in and out of the map tool.

2.        Home – This allows users to return the map to its original zoom extents.

3.       Frequently Asked Questions – This is a list of frequently asked questions, and             answers relevant to users when using the mapping interface.

4.       Map Gallery - This allows the user to select the background image (basemap) they prefer. SA Connect Layers are displayed on top of the predefined basemap.

5.       Query Tool – This allows users to interact with the data and stipulate criteria in  order to search the San Antonio Area for places meeting their requirements.

6.       Layer List – This allows users to see and activate all of the different layers available in the map.

7.       Legend - This explains the graphic representation for layers activated in the current map view.

8.       Time Slider – This allows users to view the master plans for various infrastructures.  Users can add future layers to the map, and use the time slider feature to see when and where improvements are expected to be completed out to the year 2040. 

9.       Print – This allows users to print their map results from the query and layer list. Users can print to a variety of file types and specify several other print settings.

Question: Query tool say “Query Failed!”
Answer: Press Ctrl F5 simultaneously, and restart the query.

Question: I cannot exit the time slider.
Answer: Click on the three black dots in the center of the interface bar.

Question: My results are not loading.
Answer: Certain layers have zoom extents limitations and only make sense
from a closer zoom level. Try zooming in closer. If this does not work, refresh
the page.

Question: When I zoom in close, my results disappear.
Answer: This is a planning tool, and not an engineering tool. If you zoom in too closely, elements will disappear. 

Question: How can I suggest improvements to the development team?
Answer:  Please email SAConnect@atei97.com.  

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